Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It Takes a Village to Railroad a Whistleblower.... Please Encourage ...

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Monday, October 15, 2012

To Governor Haslam...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@yahoo.com>
Subject: Request for a Voice of Humanity…..
Date: October 15, 2012 10:43:24 PM CDT
To: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@yahoo.com>, "sen.charlotte.burks@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.charlotte.burks@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.tim.barnes@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.tim.barnes@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.mae.beavers@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.mae.beavers@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.mike.bell@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.mike.bell@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.andy.berke@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.andy.berke@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.stacey.campfield@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.stacey.campfield@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.rusty.crowe@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.rusty.crowe@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.mike.faulk@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.mike.faulk@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.lowe.finney@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.lowe.finney@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.ophelia.ford@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.ophelia.ford@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.dolores.gresham@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.dolores.gresham@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.ferrell.haile@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.ferrell.haile@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.thelma.harper@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.thelma.harper@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.joe.haynes@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.joe.haynes@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.douglas.henry@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.douglas.henry@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.roy.herron@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.roy.herron@capitol.tn.gov>, "sen.jack.johnson@capitol.tn.gov" <sen.jack.johnson@capitol.tn.gov>, Mark Silverman <msilverm@gannett.con>, "rfarr@lbmc.com" <rfarr@lbmc.com>, "kbaldwin@lbmc.com" <kbaldwin@lbmc.com>, "mburnette@lbmc.co" <mburnette@lbmc.co>, "dblanton@lbmc.com" <dblanton@lbmc.com>, "ggilbert@lbmc.com" <ggilbert@lbmc.com>, "dmorgan@lbmc.com" <dmorgan@lbmc.com>, "jmeade@lbmc.com" <jmeade@lbmc.com>, "charper@lbmc.com" <charper@lbmc.com>, "mkisber@lbmc.com" <mkisber@lbmc.com>, "jridley@nashvillescene.com" <jridley@nashvillescene.com>, "jrlind@nashvillepost.com" <jrlind@nashvillepost.com>, "stockard@dnj.com" <stockard@dnj.com>
Cc: "4msilverman@gmail.com" <4msilverman@gmail.com>, "anncoulterjr@gmail.com" <anncoulterjr@gmail.com>, "adam@tngop.org" <adam@tngop.org>, Ken Marrero <BlueCollarMuse@gmail.com>, steve@gillreport.com, tn <mark@mpsbroadcasting.com>, nashvilleteaparty@gmail.com, "Bruce W. McNeilage" <bmcneilage@aol.com>, Amelia Chasse <achasse@hynescommunications.com>, Brandon Howell <BHowell@hynescommunications.com>, Arthur Brooks <arthur.c.brooks@aei.org>, Jonathan Collegio <jacollegio@americancrossroads.org>, paul.chesser@atinstitute.org

Can you please encourage NISSAN sit at a conference room table and work this out.....

I have emails and proof that I can show WHY I did what I did. 
In 2009 I was told that I could be a Catalyst for change at NISSAN. Some people were upset with the cronyism. 

People gave me information to blog about.  They wanted me to do what I do, they wanted the culture to change in Tennessee. My friend Mark Silverman told me it' can't change... I finally get it.

My child does not need a mommy that's fighting  for her reputation...  I will show you an email I received from Carlos Tavares in 2010.  I will show you that people wanted me to expose that the battery was made with outdated technology.  

We will work out a way that I get my dignity and you get to keep enjoying the tax breaks with out me "ranting about the Leaf...."  I'm serious.  My child is suffering.  This needs to be resolved.

If what I did was ALL about money I would have taken the money HR VP Mark Stout offered me in 2009.

My blogging has been about "fairness" for all Nissan employees, the Taxpayers and for discrimination to stop.... and I'm realizing that in America it does not exist. You won.... my child & my health is MORE important.... 

What I want is what's fair and I want my REPUTATION back. I've been abused for 3 years.... Your tough and I'm sure you don't want me in Tennessee as much as I don't want to be here.

Carlos Tavares who was President of NISSAN North America & most likely the future CEO of Renault/NISSAN trusted me with his concerns about the "culture" of TN. One of his supporters will communicate that it's just not possible.   PLEASE help just tell NISSAN to be RESPECTFUL.

Thank You

Sharyn Bovat

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Governor Haslam... When Are YOU Going to Make This Right?

Mitt Romney's campaign KNOWS that NISSAN does business in IRAN and support terrorists that are funding weapons that kill and harm our troops.  MItt Romney seems to "want to bomb Israel" but offers no plan to prevent it.  Mitt seems "trigger happy" and wants a war culture. Did his sons serve in the military.  Seems like rich people don't have children on the "front line" they don't understand sacrifice.  People in the military are disgusted by his comments on the 47%.  People that have served America overseas want a President that they respect but ALSO on that respects them.

nissan recently took out a 1.4 billion dollar dept of energy loan knowing they could not pay it back. they are building a car with outdated technology.  Than money should have been spent on creating "real" EV batteries that are viable that money should be used in ways that protect America and our troops

President Obama PLEASE when you win Do NOT cut the military budget.  America is a Nation that needs to restructure it's priorities BUT not by sacrificing National Security.  How about some Peace Through Strength.  It's more cost effective the blowing money on companies like NISSAN that fuel the Iranian economy while "ripping off the American taxpayer.  It's time for RESPECT to the taxpayer too.

Can someone at Gannett Michael Bloomberg WHY he gave the contract to NISSAN.  They do business with IRAN and are building the taxis in Mexico.  It is NOT a win for America... Whose getting a kickback?  It's not fair to the troops.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tennessee is Hurting America: Outing former CIA Researchers to Protect a Good Ole Boy Network is Morally and Legally Wrong....

NISSAN in spring 2009 "outed" me for doing research for CIA operatives in the Iran Contra Era. They "outed" me therefore someone from NISSAN should go to jail.  It's important for people to know that I had NEVER spoken about any of this UNTIL NISSAN "outed" me. I was told that by NISSAN doing this and "getting away" with the bullying of me then operatives from that era and future eras can no longer trust that America will protect them   For YEARS after NISSAN outed me I blogged about things. Just to "stay alive."    picture above is Sharyn Bovat with top NISSAN executives.

At anytime Kim Helper the Williamson County District Attorney could have asked for a mental evaluation because had she NOT known I was a former CIA researcher she would have "thought" I was "crazy" for putting things on my blog like "while I was in the former USSR the Russians took me from my hotel room strapped to a board"  which they did (that is why I have PTSD) 

The DA could have said I was "crazy" for saying on my blog because in Central America I spent time with people connected to CIA backed drug cartels.  The DA could have said I was crazy for saying that I had been to Kuwait and that I thought the 1st Gulf War was "staged"....

The DA could have used all my "post NISSAN outing me rants" to discredit me during the 19 months of abuse that I suffered.  The District Attorney did NOT do that because it was true. The only time an ADA tried to get a mental evaluation done was in reference to "this" post.  The judge denied "her" motion and later  that ADA was replaced by Terry Wood.    Who I have NEW information on..... 

"....I learned that people believed the Good Ole Boys when they said I was gay because "I'm too smart to be straight".   Out of curiosity I asked for names of other gay women I was given a list that included Oprah and Hillary Clinton...... A long time ago I learned rationalizing with religious zealots is almost impossible. .....
I respect Oprah Winfrey and Mrs. Clinton so I will become a "red state gay"   Also I hear the gay community is "great" at getting the word out about companies that DISCRIMINATE.  When I move to a blue state I'll go back to boys....."  written by Sharyn Bovat Labor Day 2010 & posted on www.Girlintheblackhonda.com

For many years Sharyn Bovat played tennis on the team of Dee Kelly.  Greg Kelly is the 1st America to serve on the board of NISSAN Motors.

Luckily I have LOTS of web stats.  I can show that the bullying of me by the 'locals" was due to slandering by NISSAN.  A man from the Baptist Church wanted to "save me".... 

Back to the issue of NISSAN "outing" me for my CIA research work. People that did work in the era are NOW terrified.  A; It never should have happened.  B:They see how by my simply trying to tell the truth about Dept. of Energy fraud and discrimination the courts have participated in the bullying of me. C: People that might want to speak up for what is morally right have seen for OVER 3 years the "bad guys" are winning. 

What has happened to me is NOT healthy for America.  How much corruption and fraud will not be exposed due to what NISSAN and the State of Tennessee did to me.  

Below is entire post from Labor Day 2010-

NISSAN and Tennessee

My name is Sharyn Bovat & I was considered one of the top relocation consultants in middle Tennessee.   Last year I told Carlos Tavares the 2nd most powerful man at NISSAN globally about a dominating Good Ole Boy network that discriminated and wasted taxpayer money.

Since then I've been bullied, bruised and put behind bars (literally on ALL 3) this was done by a southern Good Ole Boy network.

Today I was told the only one that can "Save Me" from Good Ole Boy retaliation on Tuesday is Jesus. My "thought" after living here for 9 years she's probably right. The Good Ole Boys use religion as a tool to keep people "in control" and I've always questioned "why".  I've learned the word "why" is NOT welcome in Tennessee.  Instead of questions I need to simply say Amen.

For years I've been told if "I" start going to church I will be "Welcome" in Franklin, in this middle Tennessee community but instead of dressing up on Sunday mornings I sleep in and read the New York Times.  Some Tennessee locals think that newspaper is a Jewish newsletter.  Some people in the south think the Holocaust did NOT exist and some believe black people are genetically inferior.  Some think that Mexicans are dirty and Asians are 2nd class citizens.  To me this way of thinking is UNACCEPTABLE & I can NO longer watch this and live amongst racist people.

When I worked in relocation for people with a Good Ole Boy mindset they questioned me wanting to know WHY I cared about 'those' people.  My clients at NISSAN were referred to as "Inpats" not expats because I learned on the 3rd floor at NISSAN North America by management  they're
"inpats" because they're "in" MY county   For the record my response, I care about my clients because "they're people".

???  Why did Tennessee recruit multi national companies to move here just to treat the "fur-in-ers" (foreigners) so poorly.  Bottom line it's ALL about the dollar.

I'm sick of being told most of America is going to HELL, including everyone from California.   I learned that people believed the Good Ole Boys when they said I was gay because "I'm too smart to be straight".   Out of curiosity I asked for names of other gay women I was given a list that included Oprah and Hillary Clinton.

??? Who is telling the "red state" ignorant this rhetoric ??? GLENN BECK.

The level of "stupidity" and lack of critical thinking skills is what explains how the Good Ole Boys were able to dominate this society for so long.

A long time ago I learned rationalizing with religious zealots is almost impossible.

Obviously the conservative local Tennessee newspapers are "avoiding" my story so I will "attempt" to tear down the wall of racist ignorance at NISSAN North America with a new tool.

I respect Oprah Winfrey and Mrs. Clinton so I will become a "red state gay"   Also I hear the gay community is "great" at getting the word out about companies that DISCRIMINATE.  When I move to a blue state I'll go back to boys.     

Discrimination is WRONG!!!

Tonight I ask NISSAN &Tennessee

??? Is "Rob
" what

YOU stand for.

Choose "1"

 or Respect
For All People


My Name is

Sharyn Bovat

I want my

back.Happy Labor Day America